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  • Bernie Mac died while doing his work on Zuba and the second film is dedicated to him.
  • Bernie Mac had not finished recording all of Zuba's lines when he passed away and the recorders for the second movie had to go back into the archive of improvisations he had done as Zuba to create a new version of the last scene in the film, luckily they were able to find a recording of Zuba playing a game with Alex... and ended up using it.
  • In order to create Zuba and Florrie, animators for the second film had to divide Alex's attributes and make two different individuals out of them, a reversed version of a commonly used process.
  • Zuba is shot in the ear in the beginning of the second film and has a chip out of his ear for the remainder of the series.
  • Zuba was purpousely given a 'receding hairline' to make him look older than Alex.
  • Bernie Mac passed away during production of the second film, so Sherry Shepard, the voice of Florrie had to do all of the press and promotions for both of their characters.
  • Chris Rock was a good friend of Bernie Mac's and was a big advocate in picking him for the voice of Zuba.
  • According to his parents, Alex never slept on the right part of the bed when he was a cub.
  • Alex and Zuba both have a birthmark shaped like the continent of Africa (complete with Madagascar off to the side) on their right paw. This was how Zuba and Florrie were able to tell that Alex was indeed, Alakay, their missing son.
  • Having stayed together through such horrors as losing their son, Zuba and Florrie could very well be considered the strongest couple of the series.
  • Having been present when Alex was taken away, Zuba feels responsible for his son being taken away from him and Florrie to this day.

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