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Kowalski: Operation Catch and Release. We set traps all over New York and when there's enough people in them, we bring them back to the zoo and presto! We have visitors.
Skipper: Good ol' brute force.
Private: Kowalski... that's plan B. Plan A is...
Kowalski: Right. ...Operation Dumb Down. We convince the humans that zoo animals are just as dumb, or maybe even dumber then the animals on TV.

Julien: Yes. We certainly have dumber animals here. Like that one over there.
(points to a polar bear toy)
Julien: Idi-o-to. (beat) Yes, I'm talking about you. (still no response) You see, he didn't get it. He didn't even get it.

Alice: Not one visitor! Why would people schlup to the zoo when they can see the dumb animals on TV? Yep, we're shipping them out. All over the world! San Diego, Beijing, and... Hoboken...
(zoom on Private's horrified face)

Julien: Ready, set, and... Kangaroo. (camera on Joey) Okay, start hopping. Hop a little higher. You got no ups, buddy. No, no like this like this.
Joey: What are you on about?
Julien: Cut! Cut! Cut! You are a kangaroo, so be a kangaroo. Do the bouncing and the hopping and all the other ridiculous things you do.
Joey: (threatening) Careful, mate. That tone will get you a wallop!
Julien: Stop! Stop! Move out of the way. Just film me, Maurice. (gets the camera on him) Yes. (exhales) Here we go.
(starts hopping around)
Julien: Good day, matey! I'm a kangaroo. I'm hopping around like I do. (gets kicked by Joey into the wall)
Joey: Joey don't like cheap imitations.
Maurice: Can we get another take? I wasn't rolling.

Marlene: The zoo is going to be closed forever!
(The penguins stare at her)
Marlene: (slowly and a little serious) Zoo clos-ed for-ev-er.

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