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Madagascar (Video Game)

  • You can't whoop me, i'm the Zoo Hunter!
  • Now hold on there! This will be the end of the line for you ducks!
  • What the duck!?
  • You're glue, zebra! I don't know how you have gotten this far, but you're not going to escape my zoo.
  • Aw shucks!
  • You know what we do with ducks back home! We feed em, not much of you.
  • It's like shooting two fish 'n' a bird, something I wanted to do
  • (first lines) How many times have I told those sizzy boys to tighten up the security around the zoo, but no they had a budget.
  • Get in formation, men!
  • I'm gonna whoop up on you.
  • Ouch!
  • Yeeha!
  • Rats, rats, dirty ducks.
  • You're making this too easy!
  • Bring it on!
  • You're nothin' but a bunch of ducks.

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