Witch Doctor's Disease is an African disease that is home to a giraffe witch doctor, The victim is left dead in 48 hours, However, Melman believed this was a fatal disease that killed Joe the Witch Doctor, until evidence of Joe's life proved this disease false.


The victim of the disease is found to die in a precise time of 48 hours, Therefore, leaving the victim dead, However, Some diseases are proved worse than this one & is worse than others. The disease's code number is G1W1.

  • (Witch Doctor's Disease) G1W1 > A5LW (Lion Pox)
  • (Witch Doctor's Disease) G1W1 > BELY (Belly Fish)

Symptoms & Diagnosis


  • Brown Spot on Left or Right shoulder
  • Autoimmunity
  • Grief stages (Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance)


2 out of 3 symptoms is noticeable & the first is very identifiable


There is no cure for Witch Doctor's Disease

Known victims


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