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When the Chips are Down-Title

Scene I: Central Park Zoo/Snack Vendor

Mort is seen rapidly hitting the glass trying to get a bag of "Cheezy Bits".

Mort: I.....(wham) Wanna.....(wham) Cheezy Bits!

Mort is about to cry when he notices the door for people to get snacks. Private walks by.

Private: Mort? What are you doing?

Mort had stuck his tail in the door and is barely touching the bag of Cheezy Bits.

Mort: I.....wanna.....Cheezy Bits!

Private: That's not how you get snacks out. First, you need to find some money! (puts flipper under the vendor) You'll be surprised on how much change ends up under these things. (Inserts coins) This should do the trick!

Mort: Yay!

The coil turns and the snack falls out, but Mort's tail gets stuck.

Mort: Ahh! (he grabs onto Private's foot)

Private: Ahh! (Private grabs onto the coin slot)

The machine pulls Mort through the door with Private.

Mort: I got Cheesy Bits! Yaaay!

Private gets up and pushes against the door. He fails and then tries to pull it

Private: (Still pulling the door) I can't get the door open! OK, not getting out that way. Still, there must be some way out of this stuffy box.

The camera cuts to outside of the machine. Private is shown on the first rack up.

Private: One, two, three! (Private jumps into the window. He hit it then slides down it.)

Mort: (Spits into Cheesy Bits bag) I do not like cheesy bits!

Private: Marvelous, Mort.

Scene II: Penguin HQ

Skipper: (opens a door holding a bunch of flowers) Who put a pretty pink floral arrangement in there? Private I'm looking at you. (The camera then cuts to behind Skipper. Rico and Kowalski are seen playing chess, while Private is not seen.) Well I would be. If you were here. Where's young Private?

Kowalski: Hm, at 0800 hours he should be watching the Lunacorns. (The camera cuts towards the television, now showing the Lunacorns.)

Rico: Yeee...

Skipper: Men, something smells fishy here. (Rico sniffs his armpit and shrugs.) I mean beyond the ever-present fishy smell of our home.

(The camera then cuts to the lemurs' habitat, who is running in a circle and screaming.

Scene III: Lemurs' Habitat

Julien: This mango is rotteny oh i'am so angry I need to be kicking something Mort persurme the posisin [looks around for Mort] Hay where is he.

Maurice: [looks under king Julien feet] Not where he ussally is.

Scene IV: Penguins' Habitat (Exterior)

Scene V: HQ

Scene VI: Vending Machine

Scene VII: The Zoo


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