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Marlene: What's that racket? What's the clatter?
Roy: We're under attack. It's a life or death matter.
Burt:  I was in a deep-sleep peanut dream.
Mason: I heard what I believe to be a scream.
Bing: That wasn't me, that was Bada.
Bada: Hey yo, I was just... (in a louder voice) STARTLED!

Maurice: But what is this light?
Pinky: In the middle of the night?
Mason: (Translating Phil) You have it in your sight. It's behind me, right?
Burt: What the heck is that?
Roy: What the heck is that?

Bada: Check out that mook in the starry night sky.
Joey: Gimme a sec to wipe the sleep from me eye.
Bing: It's showy and glowy and armed for combat.
Bada and Bing: What the heck is that? Everyone runs away

Marlene: Hey wait, does something seem quite wrong?
Joey: Oy, Joey's breaking out in song.
Roy: Now that you point it out,
Bada: We are croonin' no doubt.
Bing: And Bing can't help but sing along.
Burt: Why the heck is that?
Marlene: Why the heck is that?

Maurice: I'm gonna guess it's cause of that creepy thing.
Roy: Some way, somehow, that thing is making us...
Everyone: SING!

The chameleons sing out of key and the monster tries to blast them.

Bada: This monster gets madder and madder if you hit a note that is flat.
Everyone: Why the heck is that......?


Driver: What the heck is that?
Kowalski: Here's the fact: We all have to sing.
Skipper: You didn't see anything.

(Slaps the driver)

Cuts to Thump Thump


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