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Alex: (talking) Ooh, so that didn't work. Let's rethink your strategy.
Skipper: Okay, how come you're not singing?
Alex: (talking) I think it doesn't impact me because I'm not real. Not sure, just, you know, a theory.
Skipper: No way! Show stuff is your big thing!
Alex: (talking) It is ironic.
Skipper: 'Cause now I could use some guiding.
Alex: (talking) Nobody has to force me to sing. If you need me, I am ready to cut loose.
Skipper: Oh what's the use?

Skipper: I can't hold a tune
Alex: (now singing) But you can catch a tuna. A great-a big-a tuna!
Skipper: I can't rhyme with moon.
Alex: Maybe go with ... uh, Luna?

Alex: You've got a song in your heart.
Skipper: It's actually my lung. 
Alex: So what if it's not great art?
Skipper: This hero prefers to be unsung. 
Alex: (speaking) Aw, c'mon, you can do it Skipper!

Skipper: Ba-da-da-ba-ba-ba-ba...
Skoodle-y doodle-y!

Alex: (speaking) Skipper that's great!
Skipper: Yeah!
Badoo-bop zip-zow..

Scuddly wuddly
Cute and cuddly

Alex: Yeah! Yeah!
Skipper: We are the penguins!

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