• Where are you coming from?
  • Absolutely no outsiders. So wipe that smirnov your face and Popov!
  • Nyet! This train is for circus animals only!
  • Stefano, we do not invite trouble into our circus. I don't trust lion, hair too big and glossy.
  • (About Alex) He not lion, lioness with a beehive! (laughs)
  • They are not our problem.
  • Which one of you is leader? (Marty motions Alex)
  • Tell your comrades there is one rule we do not break. (Alex: Thou shall say it and not spray it.) Circus owner no allow stowaways.
  • What is sharply dressed little birdie talking about? (When Skipper says that the zoo animals happened to be the new owners)
  • Stefano, make the hoop smaller! (Stefano: (pulls out a medium hoop) Like-a this?) Smaller. (Stefano: (pulls out a much smaller hoop) Like-a this?) Good.
  • (for the first time) Light the hoop on fire!
  • (After throwing a knife at Alex) I missed.
  • Circus been same for generations. We make good classic family entertainment.
  • How one to have passion for stool poked in face?
  • You cannot change circus. There is long tradition!
  • (after Alex's speech) Bah! I do not trust this lion.
  • (Gia says she's tired of "sitting, and standing, and rolling over) There is great tradition of sitting, standing, rolling over.
  • (after being convinced by Gia and Stefano into helping the circus again) Okay. I do one hoop.
  • (After Alex throws a knife at him) You missed.
  • The old Vitaly is no more.
  • That is why I loved it, because I did the iempossible! I was once a brave tiger, and if I go down in flames, (laughs) so be it!
  • (for the second time) Light the hoop on fire!
  • (to Alex after the performances) Ah! Hair conditioner! Great idea, my friend! (to Stefano) Here, go ahead. Feel it. It is soft, like kitty.
  • You were never circus. (after learning that the Four are zoo animals, seeing the paper Dubois dropped)
  • You used us. (To Alex and the others)
  • That's bolshevik!
  • (to Marty) Suck in that gut!
  • Stefano! (when Stefano is kidnapped by DuBois)
  • (sees balloons falling into the hands of children, after Stefano saying "Balloons to the children of the world, Trapeze Americano,") It is real.

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