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  • The two twins resemble Sid Phillips from Toy Story when he tortures the toys and when the twins torture the penguins and the lemurs.
  • So far, they seem to be strong on "twin telepathy", as they seem to agree on everything and even finish each others sentences.
  • The Vesuvius Twins are so spoiled they use lawyers for personal gain, such as convincing Alice she'd lose her job if she didn't let them bring some animals home from the zoo.
  • Their family lives in a penthouse and had "adopted" over 70% of the Central Park Zoo.
  • The "games" they make for exotic pets include Gladiator Fights, 3-Legged Races with a Dangerous Kitchen-Appliance Obstacle Course, Rotten Food Eating Contests, and The Vesuvius Brothers' Circus... of Pain!
  • At a closer look, one twin has a cow-lick of sorts and the other has cleaner hair. This might be to help tell them apart, though separate identities have yet to be revealed.
  • "Vesuvius" is the name of a volcanic mountain in Italy, which fits the twins destructive nature perfectly.

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