Please follow the rules below or risk being blocked.

  • 1. Do not modify any existing pages. Please check with me if you have a modification in mind. The change you are thinking of might have been tried and removed. (This includes RENAMING pages. Especially Tabbed pages)
  • 2a) Please DO NOT change the order of the episodes.
  • 2b) Please DO NOT number an episode until AFTER it has aired on NIK.
  • 2c) Please do not add previous/next episodes until AFTER it has aired on NIK.
  • 2d) If adding a PRODUCTION NUMBER, please cite the link where you found that info in the SUMMARY section of your edit.
  • 3. Please do not create new Categories.
  • 4. Please read any SITE MESSAGES on the main page.
  • 5. Please DO NOT add any NON-MADAGASCAR pages. (I would have thought that this was a no brainer since this is a Madagascar Wiki, but someone keeps adding pages for non-Madagascar Movies. If you wnat to post info on non-Madagascar movies, please post the info on YOUR talk page.)

Will add more as I think of them.

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