Can you help me determine what this is? It is beside the Zoovenir store. Looks like a bird house in a tree inside it. It isn't on the map. (There is an open space where it is) Looks like it connects the Zoovenir store the Polar Bear Habitat.

What is this

What is this Exhibit. It is "beside" the Zoovenir shop

Zoovenir-and-Elephant Cafe
Gorilla or Polar Bear

Here is the other side.

Any idea what it is? A guess is the spider monkey exhibit. But I'm not sure. What do you think it is? Reply under COMMENTS

  • User: -- Well since they only have been mentioned.Yes this location most likely is the spider monkey habitat.
  • Hyrum Aspinall: It might be a birdhouse for the toucans because in the "Penguins of Madagascar Christmas Caper" in the end of the short movie when the animals sing jingle bells if you look closely there are macaws and toucans. Also in the first movie "Madagascar" after the birthday scene when Alex and Marty wake up the whole zoo the animal that says"Hey I'm sleeping here were not all nocturnal you now" if you look closely you can see the same tree and house in the picture on this page that says "What is this Exhibit. It is "beside" the Zoovenir shop picture."
  • As far as I know this habitat may belong to Alex, Marty, Gloria, or Melman.


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