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  • His mission and flag, along with his accent, indicate that Uncle Nigel is probably British.
  • This would mean British spies, such as MI6 (or its animal spy division, anyway) are also searching for The Red Squirrel.
  • Uncle Nigel's design might be based off a real penguin breed called royal penguins.
  • Uncle Nigel is the second new penguin character introduced to the series, the first being Buck Rockgut.
  • Nigel's surname may be Tux.
  • Private calls Nigel his uncle, but they are of different species of penguins. Both are British, however.
    • Nigel could have adopted Private at an early age as his uncle or he may have been close friends with Private's father/mother or perhaps, Private's father or mother was a royal penguin & Nigel was their brother while the other was Private's species (probably emperor penguin).
    • Private and Nigel may have separated when Private moved to the Southern USA (implied Texas) to become Mr. Tux and Nigel stayed behind to continue his spy work.
  • Nigel thinks Private's obsession with Lunacorns is an act.
  • Nigel spent 47 years under cover, hoping to track down Red.
  • Red informs the Penguins that Nigel is "The Worlds Greatest Penguin Agent".

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