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  • My target is indeed some where in this Central Park. (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • Right, now my target is the vilest of vermin: The Red Squirrel! (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • Shall we, Red? (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • Fifty years planning and you come up with that? (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • Surrender, Red. (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • (Red's eye patch lifts up and a red button comes out of his artificial eye) Oh, nasty place for a lunch button.
  • NOOO! (Tackles Rico, who picked up Red's knock-out acorn)
  • Private, get off of there, Lad! (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • That boy and his imagination. Tall tells and short stories, eh?
  • Eh he, what? Secret Agent, Me? You've got the wrong fellow, Old Bean.
  • Guess the ruse is up. Oh well, had a good run.
  • Ello, welcome to the show. You're late but we saved you a seat. (Nigel to Kowalski)
  • Well it was nothing but a skip across the pond. Well worth it for my favourite nephew. (Nigel to Private)
  • Brilliant! Even in the heat of battle he's a complete fancy pants. Dedication to a cover story, that's what that is. (Nigel about Private)
  • Right-t-o Lad, best be on with the skit.
  • I'll let everyone at HQ know what a bang up job you did. Especially you, Private. You almost had me convinced you were plush-hugging twirl-about.
  • Right, they're gone. Now I can proceed with my true mission. (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • The old spy game, why surely you suspected. (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • Of course I'm a spy, Lad. (A Visit from Uncle Nigel)
  • Quickly Lad. (Throws Private up the Hatch) Something's afoot.
  • (In praise- To Private after falling out of Red's rocket) Throwing yourself into the bowls of the beast, gusty move!
  • (After Red escapes) Blast!
  • (After Private falls in front of their cage) Here comes our rescue boys.
  • Yes, but we seized his secret base. (After Red escapes)

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    


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