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Uncle King Julien XII is the main antagonist in All Hail King Julien.


Uncle King Julien XII is a ring-tailed lemur who is the maternal uncle of King Julien XIII. He kept the lemurs in soul crushing silence in order to avoid Fossa attacks. When Masikura tells him that "the one who holds the crown will be bitten by the Fossa," he gives up his crown to Julien so that he won't be eaten. According to Masikura and King Julien, he never apologizes and everyone was afraid to stand up to him and anyone who does he had banished.

When King Julien XIII thrives as king, his devious uncle will do any conniving thing to regain the throne.


King Julien XIIl

King Julien XII used to think well of his uncle and remembered him fondly when he moved, but completely lost his good perception of him once he and his kingdom got held captive in "The Man in The Iron Booty."

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