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Episode based

  • Marlene has dreams of being a pop diva.
  • The penguins were spying on the other animals. This breach of privacy makes them antagonists themselves, except Private, since he was against it. 
  • Julien likes to "go digging" in his nose.
  • Mort loves Julien only for his feet.
  • Maurice uses gross stuff to make good smoothies (i.e. Mort's spit and Maurice's Earwax).
  • Burt has a secret tattoo.
  • Mason is really Canadian, although he does speak in a British accent, which could mean that one of his parents may have been English.
  • Phil cheats at chess.
  • Roy has gone on a vacation in Taiwan.
  • Bing sucks his thumb and sleeps with a stuffed rabbit.
  • The spider monkeys aren't even half spider.
  • Kowalski does something embarrassing when he thinks no one's looking. What he does isn't identified in the episode, as he reels in Private just before it can be revealed.
  • Antagonist(s): Marlene, Phil, Mason, Burt, Bada, Bing, Roy and the penguins themselves (except Private).

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • While Maurice is explaining how Julien's smoothie tastes good, they probably should've noticed the lens of the camera watching, also, Maurice should've seen it on his way back from "fixing" the smoothie
  • When the penguins are exercising outside, Private goes inside the habitat, but he was walking away from the entrance, though he could be going in through the unseen, secret tunnel connected to the door that always has random rooms behind it, between the TV & the beds.
  • In the part where Marlene is singing, there is a shot of her bed & pillow, which is a popcorn bag, & the side where her art supplies are, but in the shot of her jumping onto the manhole where there is no carpet to cover it, the popcorn bag & art supplies are gone.
  • If the Penguins were hiding in Marlene's entrance behind a crate, wouldn't Marlene notice the crate?
  • When Mort is stuck in the popcorn machine, he says, in between eating popcorn: "Help... I am... trapped!" When he says 'trapped', he eats popcorn but he's still saying 'trapped ' and there's no sound of him eating popcorn.

Behind the Scenes

  • Was supposed to air on November 7, 2010 but it was pulled by Nick.

DVD Releases

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