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Episode based

  • This is the second episode that Kowalski successfully manages to control time, if you count the ChronoTron of It's About Time as a success.
  • This is the second episode he invents something that breaks the laws of time &/or universe & it's also the second episode to have the word "time" in the title
  • According to Kowalski's whiteboard, the formula for stopping time is: t to the power of l = t times the square root of [(1 - v squared) divided by c] where t to the power of l is dilated time, t is stationary time and v is velocity. What c stands for is not explained.
  • Kowalski had made the Trans-Dimensional Toothbrush, even though he has no teeth. This joke was repeated from Needle Point. Not only that, it was safely placed in the rift from It's About Time as its case.
  • King Julien never told where he found, stole or got all the gum. However in All King, No Kingdom he mentioned that he had found a huge amount of free gum - that is, already been chewed and left under benches gum.
  • The same spatula from Pets Peeved appeared in this episode.
  • Marlene, Mason and Phil did not talk in this episode since time got frozen.
  • When Alice was driving the zoo cart, before time stopped, Fred was there.
  • This episode has the most cameo appearances.
  • This marks the third time where a penguin ends up hanging out with Julien for majority of the episode, the precedents were Assault and Batteries and Kaboom and Kabust.
  • Running Gag: The animals keep on calling the Chronal-Curbulater a stopwatch/time watch.
  • Running Gag: Time keeps getting frozen.
  • Antagonist(s): King Julien until the end.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • When Julien is sitting on Skipper in Penguin HQ, Skipper's eyes are closed, or half lidded in some scenes when they're supposed to be open.
  • When Bing spoke, he sounded like Bada.
  • The penguins don't have teeth, yet they were able to chew gum. Perhaps its a goof or that they use their beaks.
  • Julien says that he placed his gum inside the stopwatch just before Kowalski returned, however when Kowalski is trying to fix the stopwatch, Julien is clearly still chewing on something while Kowalski is working.

Behind the Scenes

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