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Season 2

Episode Item Reason
The Red
  • Box
  • Pay Phone
  • To trap The Red Squirrel (who was actually just Fred impersonating him).
  • Command by Skipper for "Ring a Ding Special."
It's About
  • Wrench/Pliers/Six Quarts of Thirty Weight Oil
  • To work on time machine.
Gator Watch
  • Paper Clip
  • Grappling Hook
  • Blow Torch/Goggles
  • For Kowalski to crack the tumbler lock.
  • To get up the building and catch up with the truck, holding Roger.
  • To cut a hole on top of the truck that has Roger inside.
In The Line
of Doody
  • 4 Wireless Bluetooth Ear Phones
  • Miniature Scissors
  • Bucket
  • Baguette
  • To prepare to help Pervis McSlade.
  • To eliminate a potential threat.
  • With bungee cords attached. To go after Frankie the Pigeon.
  • To distract a flock of pigeons.
Can't Touch
  • Conquistador Helmet
  • Balloon
  • For a hurt option.
  • To rub on Randy's wool to build static electricity.
Hard Boiled
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Dynamite Stick
  • Subway Fare Card
  • Smoke Bomb
  • To be used in the penguins' mission to change the temperature of their water fountain.
  • Requested by Eggy and given to him without much forethought.
  • a.k.a. "Penguin Commando License," to trick Eggy into believing he had to be "licensed" to be part of the unit.
  • To hide the Penguins' shame and end the episode.
The Lost
Treasure of
the Golden
  • Chainsaw
  • Fluffy Dice
  • Baseball Bat
  • To find a secret entrance in Marlene's home.
  • Added it to the cab they hijacked.
  • So Rico could take the golden squirrel key from Kowalski and Maurice.
Fit to Print
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • 3 Screwdrivers
  • When he was shocked about that the lemurs picture has the penguins at the back.
  • One each for Kowalski, Private, and Rico so they could unscrew a chair.
  • Sumo Hat
  • Birdcage/Plunger
  • Fishbowl
  • Back Scratcher
  • Rake
  • Cactus
  • When Rico knew that they were going to sumo.
  • Random things Rico regurgitated when he was trying to find something to put over his head after Kowalski took his oxygen mask.
  • After regurgitating it, Rico put it over his head so he wouldn't get Cooties.
  • Something to scratch himself with when he had Cooties.
  • Something to scratch himself with when he had Cooties.
  • Something to scratch himself with when he had Cooties (unfortunately, Skipper caught him scratching his back with the cactus thanks to Kowalski showing Skipper a mirror).
Mr. Tux
  • N/A
  • N/A
Concrete Jungle
  • Sleeping Gas Smoke Grenade
  • Model of Graveyard Eight
  • To "snooze" Private.
  • To show Private during the "Graveyard Eight" song.
Stop Bugging
  • Flip-Flop/Slipper/High Heel
  • Set of Cards
  • Duct Tape
  • Dart Gun
  • For Private when he said he needed a shoe.
  • For Rico and the cockroaches to play so it will keep them busy while waiting for the exterminator to come.
  • To tie up and gag Exterminator X.
  • For Private's plan.
Field Tripped
  • Retractable Claw
  • Large Underwear
  • Grappling Hook
  • For underwear pulling and grabbing the notebook.
  • For an atomic wedgie on Burt the Elephant.
  • (2 times) To enter the air vent in the Museum.
Badger Pride
  • 3 Black "cartoon" Bombs
  • Piece of a Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • Gumball Dispenser
  • Wads of Bubblegum
  • Something Rico was doing.
  • After it exploded in Rico's stomach when he was doing something.
  • Ammunition for Rico to use as a weapon.
  • Fired from Rico at the Badgers.
Kaboom and
  • Dynamite Stick
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Hammers/2 Crowbars/2 Screwdrivers/2 Red Boxes/Fan Blade/Anchor
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • To blow up old mission files, see again to blow up a billboard.
  • To activate combustibles that send the penguins and lemurs flying.
  • Used to assist him in destroying the lemur habitat when he went crazy.
  • Regurgitated in his sleep to make a smokescreen and end the episode.
The Helmet
  • Bazooka
  • Hard Hat
  • To prove that brute force is stronger then intelligence. Seen again to destroy The Helmet (though not regurgitated this time).
  • To put on his head when the penguins use him as a battering ram.
Night and
  • Telescoping Metal Stick
  • Black "Cartoon" Bomb
  • Cyborg Arm
  • Parachute
  • Coin Purse with a Coin
  • Skateboard
  • Slingshot
  • Dynamite Stick
  • So Kowalski could press the evacuation launcher button from a safe distance.
  • It was regurgitated after being shocked.
  • Rico regurgitated it after Leonard mentioned about the penguins turning him into a cyborg
  • Used so they could land down easily on the ground where Leonard was
  • Used to get Leonard out of a newspaper dispenser
  • A way to get Leonard home when he was asleep
  • Used with a dynamite stick to knock down Leonard who was flying away on a kite
  • (1) Used in defense after he and the other penguins saw Private coming in with Leonard. (2) Rico was going to blow up a car when the person inside yelled at them. (3) Used with a slingshot to knock down Leonard who was flying away on a kite.
The Big
  • 4 Wads of Bubble Gum
  • Chainsaw
  • Put at the corners of the container holding Savio so Rico could attach a wire from a detonator to them to see if the container would hold.
  • A weapon Rico regurgitated to attack Savio.
Wishful Thinking
  • 3 Extra Pennies
  • Penny
  • Used for Skipper's, Rico's, and Private's wishes.
  • For Private to throw into the fountain so he could wish that none of the recent events had ever happened.
April Fools
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • Unexpectedly regurgitated when he was surprised by the prank Skipper pulled on him.
Hello, Dollface
  • Knife
  • To cut open a box that Skipper thought had Ms. Perky dolls inside.
  • Boot
  • Kowalski's Tool Box
  • Used for Rico so he could push down on the pedal inside the bus so they could ram Kowalski's invention.
  • So Kowalski can shut his invention down.
Cradle and All
  • Plunger
  • Bowling Ball
  • Grenade/2 Throwing Stars/Dynamite Stick/Penguin Plush Toy
  • 3 Gas Masks
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Payphone
  • Flamethrower
  • Was regurgitated after the fish that Private threw hit Rico in the back.
  • Was used for Skipper to knock the baby stroller away from the street.
  • Used for the baby to play with when the baby was crying but the baby still wouldn't stop crying (the toy is seen in the end and the baby is happy).
  • Three for Skipper, Kowalski, and Private when the baby had it's diaper unchanged and was smelling up around them.
  • Used to make themselves be unseen from the humans when they were in the museum.
  • So they could bounce on top of tall building quickly, when they were in the stroller, so they could go rescue the baby.
  • Used to save the baby who was falling from a very great height.
Driven to
the Brink
  • Knife
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • So that the car might let go of him.
  • Used to destroy the car.
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • 2 Paperclips
  • Pennies
  • To put out an overheated Psychotron.
  • To unlock the casing where the game-boy was that they needed.
  • To pay for the game-boy.
Work Order
  • Shreds of Paper
  • Flamethrower
  • 6 Nails
  • After chewing the picture of the underground command sector of the top secret anti-fusion reactor core.
  • To destroy the shreds before vacuuming them.
  • To put on a billboard so they could build a duplicate Zoo.
Hot Ice
  • Pipe Wrench/Spork
  • Sledgehammer
  • Dynamite Stick
  • Pea Shooter
  • Used it to fight the lemurs with.
  • For hitting Brick into the sewer.
  • To make an entrance from the sewer so they could lead the thieves into the jewel store.
  • Used to break the glass in the jewel store so the alarm would sound.
The All Nighter
Before Christmas
  • Chainsaw
  • Snowballs
  • Flamethrower
  • To destroy Kowalski, Mason, and Burt's Christmas decorations. He later uses the chainsaw again to fight Joey.
  • Fired from his mouth when he, Marlene, and Phil were attacking Kowalski, Mason, and Burt.
  • (During It Ain't Perfect, But It's Christmas) For some of the kids, who pushed and rocketed off to a half of the sleigh and then Marlene pushes them down the hill.
Whispers and
  • N/A
  • N/A
Brush with
  • Hammer
  • Calipers
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • Disco Ball
  • CD Player
  • Pencil
  • Used to destroy Kowalski's calculator so that Kowalski can't build his new invention.
  • To grab the ashes of the calculator from their furnace.
  • Used to reveal the laser sensors on the floor so they know what there up against.
  • So they could get across the lasers while listening to some disco music.
  • So they can disco across the lasers using the disco ball.
  • To erase a plus sign on the blueprints and put in a drawing of a lunacorn instead.
Love Hurts
  • N/A
  • N/A
The Officer
X Factor
  • 4 Subway Tokens
  • Bazooka
  • Intended to be used on the E-Train when the penguins tried to leave the zoo at night. At least one was taken by Officer X after the penguins abandoned them and scrambled when caught.
  • Intended to be used on Officer X.
Brain Drain
  • Bazooka
  • Grappling Hook
  • Flamethrower
  • Red Marker
  • Used to destroy Kowalski's new dangerous invention.
  • Used to get them on top of the fish truck.
  • To melt the lock at the back of the fish truck.
  • To draw a circle so that the dumb Kowalski would follow it and keep him away from the others as they accomplish their operation.
Right Hand
  • Crowbar
  • Nails
  • To open the crate that the new resident is in.
  • To close the Hoboken zoo crate and prevent Clemson from coming out.

Danger Wears
A Cape

  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Marbles/Roller Skate
  • Crowbar
  • To demonstrate his regurgitating powers.
  • Used to stun Bada and Bing before they gave the chimpanzee's wet willys.
  • To knock down Bada and Bing.
  • Used for Kowalski to get Mort out of the air vent.
  • Nightcap
  • Crossbow/Bazooka/Nun-chucks/Throwing Star
  • Earmuffs
  • Stage Sword
  • For him to wear to bed
  • Perhaps to use against Private when he entered the HQ.
  • To block out Private when he was reciting Shakespeare.
  • To use while he, Skipper, and Kowalski manipulate the suit of armor.

Rat Fink

  • Wireless Bluetooth Ear Phone
  • To put into the fake rat nose that Mort was suppose to wear for his disguise so the penguins could hear everything that was going on.
Kanga Management
  • "Dreamy Date" Board-game
  • 2 Springs
  • Oil Can
  • Suggesting a idea of what to play for game night.
  • Used for Skipper so he rescue Leonard from Joey.
  • To stop Joey but that didn't work out so well.
King Julien
for a Day
  • Baseball Bat
  • To be used for a mutiny if Julien cracks under the pressure of being in Skipper's place.
Maurice at
  • Fish Skeleton
  • Used to pick the lock at the flower shop bit that didn't work out so well.
  • Fish
  • Rico regurgitates a fish after he eats it, thinking that the other penguins wanted it.
Neighbor Swap
  • Alligator Model
  • Crowbar
  • As a present when Roger moved into the lemur habitat.
  • To get Mort unstuck from a wooden fence.
All Tied Up
With a Boa
  • 6 Cases of Knock Out Gas
  • Bush
  • As a level three precaution if Savio comes to the zoo for vengeance.
  • After Marlene got hit by a case of knock out gas, Rico camouflaged her so nobody would know that it was his fault.
Rock-A-Bye Birdie
  • Rat Cannon
  • Fish
  • Grappling Hook
  • To stop the Rat King with a special anti-rat missile.
  • Accidentally regurgitated when the cage that he, Kowalski, and Private were in, shook.
  • Partially regurgitated. To help Baby Skipper up so he can unlock the cage his men are in.
Herring Impaired
  • Crossbow
  • Plunger
  • To keep the fish away from Skipper, Kowalski, and Private.
  • To hold on to the fish truck that Skipper, Kowalski, and Private were on.
A Visit From
Uncle Nigel
  • Helmet/Flamethrower/Bazooka/Chainsaw
  • When Skipper thought the card that they all got was a call to arms.
The Hoboken
  • Crowbar/Flamethrower
  • Glow Stick
  • Dynamite Stick
  • Hoboken Emergency Hollow Tooth (Regurgitated by Skipper)
  • During his and Private's chess game, after Skipper mentions the lack of rules.
  • As a light source while they were inside the crate.
  • When they hear laughter after they come out of the crate, which Lulu promptly blows out.
  • To send out a distress signal to Manhattan that they are in Hoboken. (Skipper coughed it up Instead of Rico)
The Return of
the Revenge of
Dr. Blowhole
  • Conductor's Stick
  • Plunger
  • During Everybody Must Sing to get the animals to sing on-key.
  • To fire at Julien's diabologized MP3 player so Skipper could steal the power cell.
Pets Peeved
  • Grappling Hook
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • 4 Quarters
  • To shoot across the building where Skipper and Julien are being held.
  • To blow up the vent hatch so they could enter the room where Skipper and Julien are.
  • Regurgitated after being hit against the wall, thanks to Skipper intervening. One was used by Skipper to cut the ropes to release everyone else.
  • Chainsaw
  • 2 Dynamite Sticks
  • Tongs
  • Rope
  • To sculpt an ice statue since the Nanites are built.
  • (1) For a test to see if the Nanites will save the penguins from danger. (2) To blow up the blocked hatch.
  • For Skipper to use to help Barry without touching him.
  • To swing as a lasso so that Rico could hold back Barry with the rope as the others try to free his tongue.
Good Deed
  • Grappling Hook
  • 2 Cinder Blocks
  • Bungee Cord
  • Used to grab a pacifier that a human dropped, except before Rico could grab it, the human picked it up and then Rico smashed against a brick wall.
  • (1) Was supposed to drop on a board to launch a bucket of wet leaves, except Rico aimed wrong and it landed on Private's face. (2) The second brick landed on the board this time, launching the bucket away from Marlene's habitat.
  • Tied to 2 corks. Used to launch a pizza as the last delivery for the day before the time was up.
When the
Chips are
  • Flamethrower
  • Pair of Yellow Rubber Gloves
  • To burn through an air vent panel.
  • To hit the professor that Rico and the others think have Private and Mort.
Time Out
  • Spatula/Mop (Half-Regurgitated)
  • Slipper
  • To clean up the mess that Private's going to make when he hits the ground.
  • When Kowalski wanted him to regurgitate something.
Our Man in
  • Chainsaw
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • Dynamite Stick
  • To use against Private.
  • Regurgitated when Private surprised Rico when he landed on his back.
  • An idea presented by Rico to take out Buck Rockgut.
Gut Instinct
  • N/A
  • N/A
I Know Why the
Caged Bird
Goes Insane
  • 2 Bundles of Dynamite
  • To blow up the three carts so the penguins could have a combination of hotdogs, snow cones, and pretzels.
The Big
  • Giant Rocket with Launching Platform
  • Remote Control
  • To get Skipper, Julien and S.T.A.N.K. from getting hit by a subway train.
  • To launch the rocket.
  • Grappling Hook
  • Salt Shaker
  • Partially regurgitated. To try to stop Dale, who's in control of the Next-o-Skeleton, from hurting Private.
  • To use against Dale so that he might back off, but that didn't work out so well for Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico.
  • Monkey Wrench
  • No Leopard Seal Sign
  • Cinder Block
  • Pillow
  • Used to sword fight with Cecil, who had a crowbar.
  • To tell the leopard seal pup, Hunter, to stay away from Rico, Skipper, and Kowalski.
  • Used by Rico to clear the path of a leopard seal on ramp.
  • To soften Private's landing after Hunter threw him to safety(He didn't land on it).
The Big Move
  • Mug of Fish Coffee
  • Firecracker/Wad of Bubblegum
  • Tape Recorder and Message
  • For Skipper to drink.
  • To launch a popcorn cart at Alice.
  • "This tunnel is only to be used by authorized Penguin personnel, while on official Penguin business.
Endangerous Species
  • Baby Powder
  • Dynamite Stick
  • Grappling Hook
  • Dodo Feather
  • To reveal the lasers guarding the ancient extinct penguin specimen.
  • Accidentally sneezed out due to the powder.
  • Partially regurgitated. To escape the museum.
  • Due to cleaning up Dode's feathers after lots of cloning and explosions.
Loathe at
First Sight
  • Bowl
  • Grenade Launcher
  • After eating the fish in it so Private wouldn't have anything to throw at Kowalski.
  • To use on Kowalski after the Love-U-Laser malfunctioned.
The Trouble
With Jiggles
  • Tennis Racket/High Heel Shoe/Baseball Bat
  • Whipped Cream Can
  • When Skipper asked Rico for an instrument of destruction so to squish Jiggles.
  • To lure the Jiggli to the dynamite.  Regurgitated again when he wanted to put whipped cream on his pie, but it accidentally attracted the Jiggli.
  • Bazooka
  • Dynamite Stick
  • To destroy the meteor, which was actually Lemmy on fire.
  • To combat the Space Squid.
The Most
Game Night
  • Dynamite Stick
  • Bazooka
  • 3 Baseball Bats and 3 Helmets (Riot Gear)
  • City Map
  • (Although Julien took it out) For Mort to play with.
  • As an attempt to blast a chameleon, when Skipper jumped to conclusions about the meeting.
  • For him, Skipper and Marlene to try to attack the other animals when Skipper thought they were turning on game night (Marlene wasn't using them).
  • To show Mort and Maurice where to get more snacks for game night.
The Otter
  • Bolts
  • To bolt down the manhole cover in Marlene's house.
Hair Apparent
  • Red Napkin
  • Plunger Crossbow
  • Firecracker
  • To wrap around his neck, while preparing for lunch.
  • To create a zipline Private could use to return the Commissioner's wig.
  • To launch Private up the zipline after realizing it was too steep.
Love Takes
  • Bazooka
  • Remote Control
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb
  • To tunnel up into the Danish Embassy, which was actually the Ostrich Habitat. Later used to try to attack Marlene for calling Ms. Perky a toy.
  • To blow up the dried cement, which Shelly was stuck in.
  • To escape from the cage Shelly had trapped him in.
Street Smarts
  • Fish
  • Steak
  • (1) To pay Max to help them find Elmer. (2) During a memorial service for Max (who they found out was still alive).
  • When suggesting things a dog would want.
Nighty Night
  • Popcorn
  • Bazooka
  • For the Penguins' movie night.
  • To shoot a random missile after Marlene said there was an emergency.
Siege the Day
  • Plunger Crossbow
  • Circular Glass Cutter
  • Bazooka
  • To create a zipline toward the stadium window.
  • To cut a hole through the stadium window.
  • For Skipper to blast down the stadium's back door.


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