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  • King Julien calls a decoy resembling him a "Me-coy".
  • First appearance of baby Fossa in the franchise, and a living Fossa in the TV series.
  • Another appearance of Savio (and this time very unexpected).
  • Joey got a warm feeling inside when seeing the fossa playing with Mort and said that he hates to be warm inside.
  • The opening music is exactly like the music in Assault and Batteries.
  • Running gag: King Julien tries to prove the fossa wants to eat him and every time he fails, either getting ripped to shreds or ending up getting called a "drama king"
  • Antagonists: King Julien (Semi-antagonist),Savio
  • The baby fossa thinks King Julian is his dad.
  • The fossa will return to Madagascar after the zoo to zoo tour.
  • The fossa exhibit is formerly a section of the Lemur Habitat
  • Kowalski explained the behavior patterns of fossas and it turned out that fossas bite as a sign of love towards another.
  • Running gag: Animals keep calling Julien a "drama king", which is a play on the term "drama queen".
  • When Kowalski recapped what he said earlier in the garage to Julien, Julien still wanted to ship the fossa out, either that or he wasn't saying the right words
  • Julien's plan was to, instead of transferring the fossa out, he transferred in and hired Savio (whom he knew as a snake) to eat the fossa after Kowalski had inadvertently given him the idea by saying a snake was a fossa's natural predator.
  • 3rd time in which Private is tickled
  • Savio can speak Spanish
  • Running gag: Savio speaking Spanish
  • Running gag: Private fainting after seeing the baby fossa do something cute.
  • The baby fossa's fight with Savio may be in reference to fact that fossas are closely related to mongooses, an animal that commonly fights snakes.
  • Running Gag: Private fainting every time he sees the fossa with the last time ending in Rico slapping him awake out of annoyance

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