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Skipper: Skipper's log: I have arrived in shanghai on a super-secret solo mission. It's nice, a little humid. Someone has shipped a crate of weaponized soup-dumplings on this dock. The dim sum of all fears....
Hans: There is no dim sum, dumb-dumb!
Skipper: Hans!
Hans: Skipper... my old "frenemy."
Skipper: But you were in—
Hans: You think Hoboken can hold Hans the puffin?!?
skipper: Well, I hoped you—so this was...
Hans: A TRAP! Let's say we settle this with... MACKEREL!
Skipper: Let's not!
Hans: What was that! we always fish fight!?
Skipper: We were in a rut, i don't want to be in a rut with you Hans!
Hans: You hurt with your words, Skipper, so I will hurt with my feet!
skipper HA! AAH!
Hans: You are right, Skipper, old chum! This does beat the fish!
Skipper: Easy now, Hans...
'Chinese My Car Guy: Wǒ de che!! (translation: "My Car!")
Skipper: Why the puzzling half smile that suggests you know something I do not!
Hans: How do you really think I really got out of Hoboken, Skipper?!
Skipper: Uh... Work release program?
Hans: I had help from someone you know...
Skipper: What?!?
Blowhole: Pen-gu-in!
Skipper: BLOWHOLE!??
Blowhole: Was that and entrance or what?! Not that you'll remember it thanks to my...
Seaway sub woofer: MIND-JACKER!!!
Blowhole: And now, you will forget everything. And most importantly... HOW TO SWIM!!!

Alice: Chimpanzees, if they show they teeth, that's not a smile, it means they want to eat you...
Mason: Honestly, how that woman got employed is a mystery worthy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Marlene: Last school group of the day... Gotta make it count!
Alice: Bus time! Let's move it!

Hans: Excuse me!
Dr. Blowhole: What?
Hans: Dr. Mammal-fish, do you have the Wi-Fi in this place?
Dr. Blowhole: I'm scheming here!
Hans: I've been locked up in Hoboken a long time. I want to check my email!

Buck Rockgut: I'm special agent Buck Rockgut! And you are Skipper!
Skipper: Oh, ok. Now is that a name, or an insult?

Skipper: Why the puzzling half-smile that suggests you know something that I do not?
Hans: How do you really think I got out of Hoboken, Skipper?
Skipper: Work release program?
Hans: I had help from someone you know!
Skipper: What? Ah!
Dr. Blowhole: Pen-gyu-in!
Skipper: Blowhole!
Dr. Blowhole: Was that an entrance or what?

Skipper: You're what? A cat?
Alex: Uh, yeah. Big cat, technically. But good start!
Skipper: I wanna say... Boots! Mittens? Buster? Dusty? Fluffy? Peaches! It's Peaches, right?

Lobster: Doc! Where are ya? Paging Dr. Blowhole! Dr. Blowhole! Please report to attack plan-- (Blowhole comes in) Who's over there?!

Skipper: You, tall guy! It's Kowalski, right? Your last name Analysis? I wanna say Kowalski analysis!

Skipper: I may or may not be 100 percent sanity-wise, but who ever said you have to be sane to be a leader?
Private: Skipper, even if you are a complete nutter, I'm with you!

Alex: I’m just saying, maybe everything we think is wrong, like what if I’m real and you’re the imaginary one?

Skipper: Don’t you ever stop talking? Wait… you’re a spirit guide. Should you be driving?

Kowalski: Sounds like a giant, rolling… attack pod? Pfft. There’s no such thing!

Dr. Blowhole: Was I not crystal clear? What part of ‘Put your phones on vibrate’ do you not understand?

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