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Operation Code Names

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[[Things Rico has Regurgitated|Rico Regurgitates]]

  • Box -- To trap The Red Squirrel (who is actually just Fred impersonating him).
  • Pay Phone -- Command by Skipper for "Ring a Ding Special."

[[Options (given by Kowalski)|Options (given by Kowalski)]]

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Kowalski's Inventions

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[[King Julien Saves The Day|King Julien Saves The Day]]

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Movie References/Parodies

  • Captain America - Buck Rockgut against the Red Squirrel could be a reference to Captain America against the Red Skull. Buck Rockgut is said to be American while the Red Squirrel is a foreigner.
  • Red Scare - It is possible that the title (as well the plot's general theme) could be a play on the term "Red Scare," which occurred in the United States from 1947 to 1957 when the threat of Soviet communist infiltration of the federal government was a common worry to the American people
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa- Julien said that he cheated on competition in whistling and trying to whistle but is really not good at.

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