Skipper: Happy to Apply Parker.

Kowalski: You take Blowhole, the Platypus is mine!

Doris: Stupid land based fighting. Hey what's this? (Gets on the Segway) Aha! I'm in the game!

Skipper:"Rico's hypnotized by the 'Ping Machine!'"

Rico (Staring at the radar):Ping! Ping! Ping!

Blowhole: I'm am...Dr...Blowhole...BLOWHOLE IS BACK!(laughs evilly)

Skipper: I don't know what your game is blowhole...BUT I WILL SEE YOU BURN! YOU HEAR ME! BURN IN THE PITS OF HADES!!!

Red One: Is your name really Francis?

Parker: So long Jerks!

Private: Skipper? have we finally seen the last of Dr. Blowhole?

Skipper: Sweet Naïve Private, Blowhole's my arch-enemy and Arch-enemies always return. it wouldn't surprise me in the least if at this very moment blowhole is already rebuilding his evil empire!

Kowalski: AES encryption...Ha! Amateurs!

Parker: So you can crack it?

Kowalski: Is Ununoctium a noble gas...IT TOTALLY IS! and you were like...what! (laughs)

Parker: And you wonder why Doris doesn't like you like you

Kowalski(laughs awkwardly): Yeah

Kowalski: I didn't even know Doris had a brother

Parker: Francis. Likes Swimming. Dislikes nets...any other pointless information you need to know?

Kowalski: No

Parker: Then here's what I need to know...You In?

Skipper: Did we Win?

Blowhole: Yes

Random lobster: Huh?

Ridicously deep voice: MINDJACKER!

Parker: wait, Your restoring their minds!

Blowhole: Yes, what is the point of dominating the world if you arch-rivals didn't know you did it

Skipper: blowhole you fiendish finned freak!

Blowhole: Missed you too Skipper. Good news though you get to watch as I enact project...


Kowalski: Let me going to use a giant tractor beam to bring the moon closer to the Earth. Thus causing massive tidal wave chaos that will flood the entire world!

Blowhole: Well thank you professor spoiler but you left out the part where I then...RULE THE ENTIRE WORLD! it's the best favorite part

Doris: Francis?

Blowhole: Sis, Nice to see you. but around here it's Dr. commands more respect.

Doris: Mother's going to be so disappointed in you...and Doctor...How does that work exactly?

Blowhole: Online classes thru the teaching annex thank you.

BLowhole: I can't pay you my check book got destroyed what can I do? (Parker attacks blowhole with his toxic spurs). Okay! Okay! I have some gift cards you can have. Do you like the pasta barn they have bottomless salads and infinite breadsticks.

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