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Episode based

  • This episode features almost all the zoo's characters besides the main cast including: Darla, Burt, Chameleons, Roy, Mason, Phil, Ted, Joey, Pinky, Leonard, Barry, Bada, Bing, and Roger (but didn't have a speaking role). The ones who were not in the episode were: Becky, Stacy, Shelly and the two other Baboons. Additionally Randy and the three bunnies from the petting zoo were also missing.
  • Kowalski said there's no such thing as a silent alarm, he is partially correct. Silent alarms aren't silent, but this is because the reason they're called silent alarms is because there is no siren in the building with the alarm, but the frequency from a disturbed laser beam is sent all the way to the local police station, where the alarm rings off on a computer and alerts the police to the scene and address the disturbance took place.

Foul Up's, Bloops, and Blunders

Behind the Scenes

DVD Releases

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