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Rat #1: The stories were true!
Rat #2: And now the Lost Treasure Of The Golden Squirrel will finally belong to the rats!
Rat King: Totally! And this key is the key to us finding it. Which makes it a key in both the literal and metaphorical sense... HOW DEEP IS THAT?!
Skipper: Whatever that key is, you don't get it! Literally, or metaphorically! (grabs the key)
Rat King: No way! He took the key! Get 'im!
Rat #1: Literally?
Rat King: Just get the key.

Julien: The king must have enough wealth and treasure to keep him 100% out of touch to the needs of his common subjects.
Mort: Like me!

Private: (clutching the key) Skipper!
Skipper: Hang tight Private! (swerves; Private loses the key)
Rat King: YES! AWESOME! Check me out! The key to the squirrel's swag is totally- GAH-OOF! (is knocked off the roof of the zoo cart by a sign)

Kowalski: Imagine what the rats would do if they ever got control of that much wealth and power!
Julien: I'm trying but I can't, I'm too busy imagining what I would do!

Rat #1: Boss! Did you hear that?
Rat #2: They're going after the first clue to the treasure!
Rat King: Awesome! Less work for us! If you have to work to get treasure... that's just like a job, you know?

Rat King: Boys, look. It's the treasure! Look how much of it there is! Awesome! (torches light up to show even more treasure) I don't have a better word than 'awesome', so I'm just gonna say 'awesome' again, but this time, louder! AWESOME!

Julien: Oh, this must be my greed fantasy now! I can hardly wait to see the depths of my own depravity! This is gonna be good, y'all... (winks at camera) Oh yeah... here we go...

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