Madagascar Europe's Most Wanted

  • Shakey: (When he flies into a man's open mouth) Watch it, mate! (he punches the man)
  • Freddie: (When Alex says that cuteness isn't their thing) Oh, 'e's got us pegged. (he gets punched by one of the other dogs)
  • Jonesy: (When he tries out the rocket shoes) Oh, dat was great!
  • Jonesy: 'Ow come Freddie gets all de cihcus? (he gets punched by him)
  • Jonesy: 'And over de cihcus, Freddie!
  • Freddie: No, Jonesy! It's mine!
  • Freddie: Den it wouldn't be a cihcus, wouldn't it?
  • Jonesy: You've got it, boss.
  • Jonesy: Let's do dis, Alex. You're de man, bro!
  • Freddie: Yeah! Why should we lift a paw? (Gia: They are our friends!) Dey're not even cihcus! (Vitaly: That's bolshevik!)

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