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The Dancing Dogs are a performing group of dogs from Circus Zaragoza with cockney accents. However, they resent being called cute and cuddly and tend to argue and fight with each other - not only using their fists, but sometimes wielding broken liquor bottles. Scary!

In the circus' failing days they have been hurled into the audience and attacked the audience members too.

Alex advised them, commenting that the cute and cuddly act did not suit them, and introduced them to rocket skates, which they quickly used to make an all-new act for themselves in flame-colored outfits.

The dogs in the blue and pink dresses are shown to be males.

Currently, the other 2 dogs' names are unknown.

Named Dogs

  • Frankie: A brown Entlebucher Mountain dog (yellow dress)
  • Freddie: Also a brown colored dog, a Great Dane (blue dress)
  • Jonesy: A white Great Pyrenees with a spot around one eye (yellow bowtie)
  • Shakey: A brown Bernese Mountain dog (pink dress)

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