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Scene I:Penguin's Habitat -Top Side

Skipper:(grimacing) I am smiling, Private! And you know how I hate that!

Private: Coming Skipper! (he hops towards Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico for their picture. The camera clicks.)

Skipper:And that's a wrap,Man we are in complete preparedness for Commissioner McSlade's annual "pose with the penguins" photo opportunity!!

Kowalski:And with three days to spare!

Private:(Looking at the photograph they just clicked) Still Cute,Still Cuddly!

Skipper:(Holding his favorite coffee mug which Rico just regurgitated) EXCELLANTE! 100% rested and ready for the Paparazzi. In fact I slept like a rock last night

Rico:(Grunting) Aaahaa! Me too!

Kowalski:(Carefully examining his writing pad) Hmm..I did notice that the lemurs were unusually quiet during the nocturnal hours

Private:(Looking towards the vacant Lemur Habitat) Perhaps, it's because they are not there

(The rest of the penguins approach towards Private and look at the Lemur Habitat)

Kowalski:(Looking at the lemur habitat through his binoculars) A frond from Julien's crown, a partially eaten mango and (Gasps) THE BOUNCY!! It hasn't been slept in. I suspect fowl play!

Rico:(Grunting to show that the lemurs are just entering the zoo)

(Julien,Mort and Maurice climb the zoo wall from the park to enter the zoo hurriedly,while doing so Julien pushes down Mort and starts running toward the habitat along with Maurice)

Skipper:(Angrily)The lemurs were just AWOL!!

Private:(Panickingly)ALICE!! at 12 O'Clock

(Alice walks into the zoo through the main gate)

Skipper:Distraction maneuver,GO!

Scene 2:The Zoo Corridor

(The penguins jump behind the pop-corn cart,Rico regurgitates a rocket and a bubble gum which private attaches behind the cart.The cart is throttled towards Alice which she notices just moments before it hits her and carries her along with it)

Alice: (Gasps)WHAT THE..!! (Gets hit by the pop-corn cart)

(As the penguins watch this,an explosion is heard out of the screen and Alice is thrown across to the other end of the frame)

Scene .3:The Lemur Habitat

(The Lemurs just enter their habitat while the penguins hop in)

Skipper:(Angry) Ringtail!,you cant just wander-off like that!

Kowalski: If Alice were to take notice of your absence,the zoo would be put into total LOCK-DOWN!!

Julien: (Casual) We were just out in the park hangin in the tree tops

Maurice:Just like we used to do in Madagascar (Jumps and clings to the nearby bamboo-made umbrellas to show it) sleepin in the branches and under the stars! (As he shows that the Umbrella falls down and Maurice weeps in pain)

Julien: Looky Looky

....Coming Soon....

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