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Skipper: (grimacing) I am smiling, Private! And you know how I hate that!

Kowalski: Something's not right.
Private: It's the quiet. It's...
Rico: ...too quiet.
Skipper: Nope. It's fine. Good night.
(He turns over to go to sleep. But Kowalski doesn't let up)
Kowalski: But, Skipper, the absence of ambient noises is too low, even for the absence of-
Skipper: Ap-bup-bup-bup-bup, go to sleep. (talks into Kowalski's radar) That's an order.
(Kowalski lies back in his bunk. There's an awkward pause. Rico clutches his Miss Perky doll.)
Skipper You made the silence too loud. Happy?

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