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  • Amarillo Kid: Spooked you, didn't I?
  • Private: The Amarillo Kid!
  • Amarillo Kid: That's right, Mr Tux. I'm back, and this time I've come to ASK for your HELP.
  • Private: NO! Wait a minute. Did you say "help"?
  • Amarillo Kid: Oh! Sorry, I ain't used to be nicer. PLEASE! You're the only friend, I have!

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  • Hello Mr. Tux, it's been a long time. Longer than a yellow snake in a bowl of red bean chili! (Mr. Tux)

Never say never, unless it's when you're sayin' never to say, never. Huh. (Mr. Tux)

  • Here's what we got, two eggs, two flapjacks, two strips of bacon, one smiley face. [Pause] Might make you change your mind, what d'ya say Mr. Tux? (Mr. Tux)
  • Impossible for him maybe, but not for Mr. Tux. I think I might stuff em' and put them next to my jack-o-lope, and call them lemur-lopes. (Mr. Tux)
  • Well we'll just see about that that dramatic pronouncement and such, Mr. Tux! [leaves]
  • Private! (Jumps out of trashcan) I knew you'ld come to save me!
  • From Mount Boogie Ha-Ha.
  • Formed in the fires of Mount Boogie Ha-Ha. Legend says any player who weilds

it will be unbeatable.

  • P-P-Putter whooped ya! (To Gophers after causing them to crash)
  • Thank you, Mr. Tux. I'm as apperceive as a horsefly in a pigsty.
  • Oh right, almost forgot. (To Private who questioned if he was going to put the Wheister Putter back)

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