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Episode based

  • Mort had Kid Kazoo's kazoo in his nose for some reason. But this might be a different one.
  • Kowalski has razor-edged bowler hat, like Oddjob, a villain from James Bond novel and movie "Goldfinger".
  • Santa and the reindeer from Merry Madagascar make an appearance, not to mention Santa was surprised to see Julien (because of all the fun and dancing Santa had with Julien and the lemurs in Merry Madagascar).
  • When the second to last Santa falls off the tree, he lands in the hands of Kid Kazoo.
  • When Private mentioned Boxing Day, Skipper responds "No one is interested in your made-up holidays!". However, it is an actual European/Canadian holiday after Christmas where all government-related offices (post offices and banks, for example) are closed.
  • This marks the third special of the TV series.
  • Mort found a small broken up tree similar to Charlie Brown only to get rejected by Julien a parady of Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • This also marks the series' first holiday special.
  • Rico can understand Phil even though Penguins don't have fingers. It's possible he picked up a few things from Mason.
  • Skipper and Private are talking about the 2 Santas they found and they thought the real Santa isn't here. Skipper asked Private that he hasn't seen Santa and Private said no. They had met Santa during Merry Madagascar. They probably forgot.
  • This marks the fourth time a character (Skipper) broke the fourth wall [Re: Skipper: And to all a good night!] and a fifth time when Mort did the same while holding a potato.
  • The animal guests at the Kidmas party are:
  • Running Gag: Mort yells: "POTATO!"
  • Antagonist(s): All the zoo animals (most specifically King Julien because he instigated switching roles therefore ruining Kidsmas by causing the animals to go in chaos); none towards the end.

Foul Up's, Bloops, and Blunders

  • For some reason, Marlene did not go feral outside the zoo while everyone was singing. That may be because of the "Santa magic".
  • If Santa remembers King Julien then Santa's Reindeer should remember the Penguins rivalry although they probably made amends or Santa got new reindeer.

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