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  • Julien: (he is about to chop down the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center) Chopity Chopity Chopping!
  • Skipper: (about the 2 Street Corner Santas) Why even have a body double if you're just gonna hang out in the same room?

Skipper: Impostors dispatched! Now, let's go rescue the genuine one and the only Santa!
Mort: Santa?
Skipper: Ringtail?
Maurice: Santa!
(Fake Santa is seen on the review mirror holding onto the tree)
Julien: Tree!
Street corner Santa: (opens the door) Animals?!
Private: Confused!
Mort: (holds a potato) Potato!

Mort: I found it! The amazing tree! (shows the small Christmas tree with few pine needles) I know it is small and ugly, but if somebody was nice to it and loved it, it could grow up to be a beautiful swan. And that is the true meaning of Chinese New Year.
Maurice: Christmas.
Mort: What's a "Christmas"?

  • Julien: Abandon van! We must save the tree!

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