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  • Ted shares some common interests with King Julien, as they both like dancing, singing, fashion designing, and being dramatic, sometimes overdoing it.
  • He loves much to the point of crying at them.
  • He and Dorothy were the wedding planners for King Julien and Crimson's almost-wedding.
  • Ted's voice, though rather high-pitched and nasally, will get considerably lower depending on his mood.
  • Ted really likes quiche, namely Dorothy's quiche, saying "It's out of this world!"
  • Ted, unlike Dorothy, and like Willie, is pretty bad at keeping illicit actions a secret without looking suspicious. This could be because he is often pretty honest and not a criminal/mischevious type.
  • Ted, though a happy guy, is very mercurial, meaning his emotions easily change.
  • Ted, like Mort, is voiced by Andy Richter. Other than sharing his voice actor, he also shares his name with Ted the polar bear from the Penguins of Madagascar short film, "A Christmas Caper."
  • Ted is pretty good at making smoothies.
  • He doesn't seem to mind doing chores, an example being when he enthusiastically cleaned up a spilled smoothie on King Julien's floor.
  • Ted is shown to have a bit of a flirtatious side as he acted eager to meet someone upon thinking Dorothy was taken by the fossa. He however was upset at first when he thought she was kidnapped, but King Julien then changed his attitude when he told him that there were many fish in the sea.
  • Ted likes sparkly things. He seemingly wishes every year on Franksgiving for something sparkly.
  • He has a dream vacation, though it is unknown where he wants to go.
  • Eating kumquats used to be his dream job, but it became a nightmare to him after it did become his job.
  • Ted is the first recurring character to have his name revealed in the whole series.
  • It was implied that Ted knew King Julien before he became king, since King Julien said his name in the first episode, and was the only recurring character whose name he called.
  • He is the only character currently to explode. Ted exploded after getting in a rage singing a war song. He however lived and was unharmed.