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  • Oh fumble-rooskies! I killed the king!
  • Aww why the frowny faces?
  • Oh! Whoopsiedoodle! (As he was about to pick up a chair King Julien kicked down.)
  • I believe everyone deserves a second chance!
  • Aww this is darling! Look how he drew you!
  • We're lemurs. I'm surprised we've lived this long.
  • Are you FIRING ME?! (Right before he bursts into tears.)
  • (Pretending to be a baby to teach expectant mothers how to feed them.) Goo goo ga ga! I don't want it! I don't want it!
  • Homemade smoothies! Yu-um!
  • I'm just here to make sure everything runs smoothly, or should I say 'smoothiely?' Haha!
  • Maybe with enough money my dream vacation is finally gonna become a reality!
  • Reporting for duty sir!
  • Oh, flipperdoodles!
  • Oh scrufflekins, why me?
  • Well, I've always wanted to be remembered.

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