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One Sentence Summary

The penguins help the “Broaches” out with their Exterminator X problem.


A friendly group of cockroaches came to the HQ of the Penguins, and party the night with Rico. Private is terrified of them, but the other penguins are interested in nature and skills. The Roaches have come to them for help against an exterminator who threatens them and their home. Upon arriving at his home and preparing for the arrival of the destroyer, penguins and skewers expect, but without success. After hours of waiting, the Penguins prepare to leave, but suddenly the Terminator appears and reveals himself as nothing less than Director X! Now I know how Exterminator X and have not forgotten what the Penguins have done his career, Exterminator X takes Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and hostage, leaving Private alone. Working together with the three cockroaches and hundreds of other cockroaches living with them, Private creates a cheap suit to act as camouflage Exterminator X. Private successfully launches his companions and the army of cockroaches gang up on X Exterminator, invading your business "-issued pants."


  • N/A

Airings on channels other than Nickelodeon USA

  • Aired with Field Tripped on Nickelodeon Latin-America on August 11, 2010

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