• Stefano the Sea Lion
  • Stefano getting ready to be shot out of a cannon
  • Stefano telling Vitaly's origin story
  • Alex helps Stefano onto a train as it departs Rome
  • Early design for Stefano (Concept Art)
  • Stefano attempts to save the original circus act.
  • Stefano Meme
  • Stefano's Sad Face about Vitaly will not go on
  • Vitaly, Gia, and Stefano
  • Cute Face!
  • Stefano & Vitaly
  • Go to Stefano/Photos
  • Go to Stefano/Photos
  • Running and ShockedGo to Stefano/Photos
  • Go to Stefano/Photos
  • Crying StefanoGo to Stefano/Photos

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