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Episode Based

  • Hans' freeze ray and cappuccino weapon is a reference to a villain from Johnny Test, The Brain Freezer.
  • This episode has the same beginning background music as Badger Pride.
  • Skipper mentioned Manfredi and Johnson.
  • Hans still has his Hoboken habitat from The Hoboken Surprise.
  • During the montage, the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu is being read by Ma.
  • This is the fifth appearance of Hans.
  • This is the first appearance of Ma.
  • One of the baby owls from Work Order makes a brief cameo in the beginning.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • The Rocket launcher was held upside down by the penguins when they hit Hans the second time he attacks.

Behind the Scenes


DVD Releases


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