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  • The penguins have The Amarillo Kid as Enemy File 308.
  • Kowalski mentions forcing Private to play golf and attempting to destroy the HQ from Mr. Tux and a peanut butter Winky raid in a future episode.
  • First appearance of the Gophers, Bo and Gomer.
  • Hans, Buck Rockgut, the Red Squirrel and Doris are mentioned.
  • Kowalski cries over Doris again.
  • The Amarillo Kid classifies the penguins as "the good guys" which is quite true.
  • The man in the photo that was crushed by a knight suit is Pervis McSlade.
  • Running Gag: Every time Kowalski mentions the Westchester Putter in the chandelier, The Amarillo Kid would continuously call out "from Mount Bogeyhaha."
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