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The Big Squeeze

  • Savio: Ah, the neighbors. I was hoping I would get a chance to eat you.
  Skipper: (shocked) What'd he say?
  Savio: I mean, “meet you.” Slip of the tongue.
  • Skipper: Tragic? Who said anything about tragic? Private, did you? Kowalski? No! No one mentioned tragic.
 Savio: Gut feeling. (Something Mort-sized flows through Savio’s stomach.)
  • Savio: There, you see? Not a guilty bone in my body. (He spits a bone out of his mouth, the bone sticks to the glass with spit around it. Savio wipes the bone off the glass with his tail and then clears his throat.)
   Savio: Now what say we put this unpleasantness behind us. You come inside for a bite…

(Private was waddling toward Savio so he could go in, but Skipper puts his flipper in front of Private, stopping him from going any further.)

   Skipper: I wasn’t born yesterday.

  • Skipper: You like mammals? Meet Burt.
  • Burt: The world's largest land mammal, FYI.
  • Savio: Please, I couldn't eat another bite.
  • Burt: You got that right! [Picks up Savio with his trunk and swings him back and forth]

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