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Santa Claus lived in the North Pole every December 25 (Julianuary for the Lemurs) Santa throws coal on the lemurs. Thus earning the name the red night Goblin. One year Alex accidentally shot him in the head this causes him to have amnesia because Santa's incapacitated and the reindeer won't help due to their rivalry with the penguins and them taking Santa's orders. The zoo animals decided to help Santa deliver the presents. Julien begins to dislike Santa because he's ruined Julianuary by giving all the Lemurs presents. Later Santa helps Julien realize it's better to give than receive. On Christmas day the zoo animals return but accidentally hit with the sleigh this helps him regain his memories back he thanks the zoo animals for their help. Before leaving he takes Julien off the Naughty List as a thanks for the party. In The All Nighter Before Christmas Skipper and Private try to find Santa in New York but they clash with the charity Santas instead. When Kidsmas was in chaos Skippper had to stand in and soon enough Santa arrives. He briefly says hello to Julien remembering the fun he had on Madagascar. He scolds Skipper for knocking out most of the Charity Santa's. He tells Skipper that Santa magic was in him all along. He leaves the zoo and restores the tree Julien cut down.

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