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  • Sage has a lower back tattoo of his favorite phrase, "On it."
  • Crimson is his favorite color.
  • Sage is a parody of people who follow the New Age culture.
  • Sage, although cursed with the lemur stupidity like many others, is dumber than the average lemur. Sage's character is that of a dumb blond/dumb jock.
  • In Koto, Plain and Tall, Sage is revealed to be a first-born prince and that his birth name was "Babak." He is also revealed in the episode to be a Mountain Lemur, and is shown for the first time being sarcastic and angry.
  • Sage's birth name "Babak" comes from the first half of the Malagasy word for Indri, "Babakoto", which means "Cousin to man".
  • Sage is often times seen as quite attractive by other characters - Clover fell for him quite quickly when the two met for the first time, he started dating Crimson several episodes later, Xixi is shown flirting with him in some episodes and Princess Amy says that she wants to marry him after seeing him fight. Julien himself jokingly called him "man candy" - a term describing an attractive man - upon seeing him for the first time