S.S. Pee Pee Pants is King Julien's only ship which was first introduced as Old Porcelain Size in the episode Poll Position. The ship was soon destroyed during the butterfly war after the first butterfly attack.


The boat was launched by King Julien with the name Old Porcelain Size during the episode Poll Position after thinking that his kingdom needs a royal navy. During the launching, Willie was announced as the captain of the ship, before it starts to sink later in the episode. The ship made its third appearance in the episode Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie: The Game, and was referred as S.S. Pee Pee Pants by Xixi. It was then used for fighting against the pirates in the episode O Captain My Captain Pt. 2 by Clover and Mort, before it sank in the episode The Butterfly War after the first butterfly attack.

The ship however was still seen even after its destruction in various episodes in Season 4.

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