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  • He is referred to as Reggie in the Madagascar video game. Julien says the zoo only has one rhino so Reggie and Roy are the same rhino. (Maybe he changed his name. Or maybe Julien got it wrong)
  • In Truth Ache, it is revealed that he went on a Tijuana "vacation".
  • Roy is shown to be insanely durable and strong: He simply cried out when Joey, a kangaroo known for easily defeating the penguins, kicked him in Untouchable, he kicked Kowalski across some of the zoo in Brain Drain, and Kowalski tried to attack him in Whispers and Coups at the leg, but Roy, not even reacting to his attacks, kicked him. Though he was spun around by Leonard in Nighty Night Ninja,stepped in the horn by Eggy in Hard Boiled Eggy,and scared by the baby fossa in !The Terror of Madagascar.

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