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Marlene: Here's a little something I try to keep close to my heart. Try to 
         look for the best in people, because you'll always find it. Huh?
Skipper: That's cute and naive, Marlene. Manfredi and Johnson were cute and 
         naive - well, Manfredi was the cute one - 'till the little Nairobi 
         surprise party.
Marlene: Friendliness beats paranoia. Boop.
Skipper: Still cute, still naive.
Marlene: Ooooh!

Skipper: Stay alert, men. We might not be dealing with 115.384 otters at all. 
         We could be dealing with one enormous mutated 1,500-pound otter.
Kowalski: Or six large, semi-mutated 250-pound otters.
Private: Or 1,500 tiny one-pound otters. Right, Skipper?
Skipper: I like where your head's at, Private.
Marlene: Yeah, it's so not otters.
Skipper: Is it because of how horribly mutated they are?
Marlene: What? No! It's because my roommate is a walrus.
Kowalski: For the record, is this walrus spy mutated in any way?

Marlene: Is that my hairbrush?
Rhonda: Oh, is this yours? Here, I'm done with it anyway. Just be sure to 
        clean it before you give it back.
Marlene: Give it back? But it's my hairbrush.
Rhonda: [sternly] That's what I said. Just be sure to clean it before you give
        it back. Okay?

Skipper: Kowalski, options.
Kowalski: Only one, Skipper. Close your eyes so you don't see it coming.

Marlene: Guys, I have a door, right over there.
Private: Sorry, Marlene.
Kowalski: Skipper thought you should see this.
Private: The zoo transfer papers.
Kowalski: According to this, your interloper - er, roommate - arrived in port
          this morning, on a class-F freighter.
Marlene: And?
Private: A class-F freighter is for animals weighing 1,500 pounds or more.
Kowalski: If the average otter weighs 13 pounds, that means exactly 115.384
          otters are headed this way.

Marlene: Hi, I'm Marlene. You must be...
Rhonda: Rat!
[swats at Marlene]
Rhonda: Disgusting creature! Go away! Shoo!
Marlene: Wait! I'm not a rat!
Rhonda: Really? Because with that face, you must get mistaken for a rat all 
        the time.

Skipper: Well, I guess she wasn't a spy after all.
Kowalski: Marlene, have you seen my invention anywhere?
Marlene: It's right over... that is it was... lying right over... there?
[Cut to Rhonda in the crate, holding Kowalski's invention and speaking into
 a walkie-talkie]
Rhonda: [British accent] This is Agent 12 calling Dr. Blowhole with a priority
        one coded alert. Take me out to the ball game. Repeat, take me out to
        the ball game. Agent 12 out. 

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