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  • In Haunted Habitat, he tells the penguins and Marlene that when he was a baby, he "changed and grow and next thing you know he's flushed down the toilet", making it the sewers his home before he even moved to the zoo.
  • In Roger Dodger, it is revealed that Roger is a pacifist.
  • In Gator Watch, it is revealed that Roger is afraid of heights.
  • Roger is an excellent singer on Broadway. Roger preforms on stage and it freaks out everyone, realizing he is a real alligator.
  • He appears in Dr. Blowhole Returns-Again (Game) where the penguins break him out of a cage in the sewers.
  • Roger was seen in A Christmas Caper. He's the alligator that is seen during the Jingle Bells Monkey Smells sequence. (ed: This is just speculation. As A Christmas Caper takes place PRIOR to the series, this is unlikely.)

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