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Rock-A-Bye Birdie Title

Scene I: The Central Park Zoo

Skipper demonstrates his new Omega Boom ability to Private. First, he jumps on different obstacles to have a higher strike. He pauses for awhile then manoeuvres a perfect mega boom while making an explosion. As the smoke clears, Skipper is revealed standing proudly and the bowling pins falling off. Private is impressed with Skipper's new ability.

Private: That was incredible Skipper! I've never seen an omega boom before done by a single penguin. You were amazing!
Skipper: (proudly, setting up a bowling pin) Always remember young Private, it's the leader's job to be physically superior at all times. (he kicks off the bowling pin) HYAH!

Kowalski and Rico arrive from a tunnel, Kowalski holding his latest invention,

Kowalski: Guys, check out my new- (both are hit by bowling pin) AH!!

Kowalski loses hold of his new invention which blasts a ray in a random direction then falls in the sewer grating.

Kowalski: I'm fine, it's an non-brain injury. (sees something and gasps) SMASHED ATOMS!!

Rico and Private also gasp in surprise. The camera scrolls down to reveal that Skipper has turned from an adult penguin to a little hatchling.

Scene II: The HQ

(Skipper's voice is high, like an infant)

Skipper: Kowalski, explain!
Kowalski: (examines Skipper with a magnify glass) Fascinating. (goes to a board)) The ray I built was designed to transform spoiled food to its younger, fresher state.
Skipper: And?
Kowalski: Clearly, you are younger... (sniffs at him) and fresher.

Skipper: This can't body should be full-grow, bursting with unapologetic warrior might! (attacks a bowling pin but trembles afterwards) Hiya! Hah! Hu! Hah!

Kowalski, Private and Rico babbles as they adore Skipper..

Skipper: Hold the baby babble!

Private: Oh sorry Skipper, you're just so cute!

Rico steps in and makes faces at Skipper...

Rico: Koochie-koochie-koochie-koo!

Kowalski: (picks up Skipper) I can invert the ray's polarity and return you to normal but we'll need to retrieve it from the sewers.

Skipper: Sounds easy enough! Men, Operation: Sewer Scavenge is a go! Move out...(jumps off the table and heads to the opening hatch but fails to do it)

The others approach Skipper slowly, and he glares back at them.

Skipper: Something wrong?

Kowalski: (nervously)'s just that...

Private: Our mission is dangerous and you're so small and fluffy....

Skipper: Small, fluffy! I'm your commanding officer Private!

Private: (salutes) Alright Skipper! But maybe, we could get you a sitter....Skipper?

The camera scrolls to Skipper, tucked under Kowalski's belly fat, with Kowalski smiling broadly.

Skipper: Down here...

Kowalski: Oh! Apologies, Skipper, it just... feels so right!

Skipper: It is oddly agreeable... But enough malarkey! I do not need a baby-sitter! I am a trained soldier! (getting tired) A lethal... fighting... machine...

Kowalski: Hmmm... Somebody needs his nappy time!

Rico: Awwww... Nappy!

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