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Rock-A-Bye Birdie Title

Scene I: The Central Park Zoo

Skipper demonstrates his new mega boom ability to Private. First, he jumps on different obstacles to have a higher strike. He pauses for awhile then maneuvers a perfect mega boom while making aan explosion. As the smoke disappears revealing Skipper standing proudly and the bowling pins falling off. Private gets amazed with Skipper's new ability while thinking that would be hard for a single penguin.

Private: That was incredible Skipper! I've never seen an omega boom before done by a single penguin. You were amazing!
Skipper: (proudly, setting up a bowling pin) Always remember young Private, it's the leader's job to be physically superior at all times. (he kicks off the bowling pin) HYAH!

Kowalski and Rico come, while Kowalski was showing his latest invention, the bowling pin hits Kowalski and Rico.

Kowalski: Guys, check out my new------(they get hit) AH!!

Kowalski lost hold of his new invention which blasts a ray at a random direction. It falls in the sewer after the blast.

Kowalski: I'm fine, it's an non-brain injury. (sees something and gasps) SMASHED ATOMS!!

Rico and Private also gasp in surprise. The camera scrolls down to reveal that Skipper has turned from an adult penguin to a little hatchling.

Scene II: The HQ

(Skipper's voice gets high)

Skipper: Kowalski, explain!
Kowalski: (examines Skipper with a magnify glass) Fascinating. (goes to a board)) The ray I built was designed to transform spoiled food to its younger, fresher state.
Skipper: And?
Kowalski: Clearly, you are younger... (sniffs at him) and fresher.

Skipper: This can't body should be full-grow, bursting with unapologetic warrior might! (attacks a bowling pin but trembles afterwards) Hiya! Hah! Hu! Hah!

Kowalski, Private and Rico babbles as they adore Skipper..

Skipper: Hold the baby babble!

Private: Oh sorry Skipper, you're just so cute!

Rico steps in and makes faces to Skipper...

Rico: Koochie-koochie-koochie-koo!

Kowalski:( picks up Skipper) I can invert the ray's polarity and return you to normal but we'll need to retrieve it from the sewers.

Skipper: Sounds easy enough! Men, Operation: Sewer Scavenge is a go! Move out...(jumps off the table and heads to the opening hatch but fails to do it)

The others approached Skipper and noticed him having hard time climbing.

Skipper: Something wrong?

Kowalski: (nervously)'s just that...

Private: Our mission is dangerous and you're so small and fluffy....

Skipper: Small, fluffy! I'm your commanding officer Private!

Private: Alright Skipper! But maybe, we could get you a sitter....Skipper?

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