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  • Scene I: Training
  • Skipper high in the, positioning for a strong kick.
  • Skipper's back
  • Explosion
  • Kowalski showing off his latest creation.
  • Skipper accidentally hits them with a bowling pin, making the invention fling.
  • it blasts.....
  • Skipper turns into a baby.
  • Back into the HQ
  • Kowalski checking baby Skipper
  • Kowalski flipping the whiteboard
  • Kowalski discussing
  • The four penguins
  • Skipper is angry
  • Baby Skipper kicking a bowling pin
  • He's too weak to knock it down.
  • The others think it's cute
  • Where did Skipper go?
  • Under Kowalski?
  • The baby falls asleep
  • King Julien notices Skipper
  • The penguins lets the lemurs babysit.
  • Kowalski and the others went on a mission
  • King Julien feeds Skipper
  • Skipper in his crib
  • Kowalski and the others find the invention in the hands of the rats.
  • Give that back!
  • Rico Kick!
  • The rats are too weak
  • The Rat King appears
  • Kowalski asks Rico to regurgitate a weapon
  • But he misses
  • The Rat King catches them
  • Stinky bath time
  • bye Skipper...
  • Baby Skipper arrives in time
  • The Rat King throws a brick at him
  • King Julien rescues
  • Gets hit in the booty
  • Julien says he will pretend to be dead
  • Skipper helps the others escape.
  • The penguins are back in action...
  • And the Rat King is furious
  • The baby boom is activated
  • The rats faint at the smell
  • Back into HQ, to turn him back to normal.
  • Back to normal
  • King Julien gives him a hug in the end. THE END

Shortened Version

  • Omega Boom Action!
  • Success
  • Ouch!
  • ZOMG x3: Skipper is now a baby!
  • Kowalski's calculations
  • Hmm... nope. There isn't any way Skipper can survive in the sewers if he can't even knock down a bowling pin.
  • ...cute
  • Let's go! ...or not.
  • Sorry Skipper, don't think you can go.
  • Asleep

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