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Operation Code Names

  • Operation: Sewer Scavenge -- To find Kowalski's youth ray.

Rico Regurgitates

  • Rat Cannon -- To stop the Rat King with a special anti-missile.
  • Fish -- Accidentally regurgitated when the cage that he, Kowalski, and Private were in, shook.
  • Grappling Hook (Half-Regurgitated) -- To bring up Baby Skipper so he could unlock the cage that Rico, Kowalski, and Private were in.

Options (given by Kowalski)

  • Rat Defense Option: Run

Kowalski's Inventions

 Name: Freshinator (named by the Rat King)
  Purpose: To make rotten food fresh again.
Ability: Turns spoiled and rotten food fresh - but also works on people.
Success/Failure: Success

King Julien Saves The Day

  • Saved Baby Skipper: From the brick the Rat King flung at him by putting his booty in front of the brick.

Movie References/Parodies

  • Rock-A-Bye Baby -- Title of episode and a song Julien sang.

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