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  • Just like Dr. Blowhole, he's missing an eye, and he has customized it into a launch button (see A Visit From Uncle Nigel) and to cover it, he has an eye-patch over it. Also, it's his left eye that he's missing while Blowhole is missing his right eye.
  • He likes acorns; this is the reason for his plan after his debut. His like for acorns also makes him a scientist(because he developed a toxin that destroys all plant life and improves acorn growth which took fifty years to perfect)
  • He has a Russian accent yet is from Central Park.
  • Buck Rockgut is obsessed with him, spending 47 years in hiding, waiting for Red to show himself again.
  • Skipper still thought that the Red Squirrel does not exist, despite the fact that he was standing right in front of him.
  • It seems that he views Buck Rockgut as more of a threat than Uncle Nigel.
  • The reason the Red Squirrel was underground for so long is because he was waiting for Buck Rockgut to be as far away as possible so no one would stand in his way. During this time he was busy perfecting a toxin that destroys all plant life and improves acorn growth.
  • The Red Squirrel is very similar to Dr. Blowhole. Both are villians, both are missing an eye, both have an arm and ankle cuff wall, both are antagonists in every episode they appear in, both of them had their plans foiled by King Juilen, both briefly captured all the Penguins and both villians were defeated in every episode they appeared in.
  • The Red Squirrel is one of several enemies that is an antagonist in every episode he appeared in along with Dr.Blowhole,Space Squid,The Vesuvius Twins,The Rats and Officer X.
  • The penguin who does the best impression of the Red Squirrel is Kowalski -- who has the same voice actor as the Red Squirrel.
  • Somehow, he had managed to escape Buck Rockgut during his quest to find White Widow & got back to the park.
  • The Red Squirrel was first aired 3-13-2010 and is the first episode in season two.
  • He also seems to have become sensitive to bright light for being underground for so long
  • The Red squirrel believes that the T-shirt cannon is the symbol of Americana itself

  • Goof: When the penguins minus Private are laughing, you can clearly hear Kowalski say "Touche" but he doesn't actually say it because he's too busy laughing.
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