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  • Stupid eye patch!
  • Of course not, you poopity brains!
  • All part of the plan to lure you here. Where finally I will destroy America's greatest penguin commanders with the symbol of America itself.
  • Of course not, you poopity brains. The sleeper is Special Agent Rockgut!
  • Things to buy when rich. Number 1: Underlings.
  • Everybody gets underlings except me.
  • 50 years of my life kaput you birds are so annoying! But the Red Squirrel will rise again
  • I am what happened The Red Squirrel!
  • Heh Heh Is this how you come to fight with a toy?!
  • Who is talking about you? I am speaking of Super Secret Agent Nigel.
  • Do you realize how ridiculous you look with your horned pony.
  • I am not jealous! In fact I'm gonna to rip it apart right before your eyes!
  • The toxin in that missile will make acorns grow so large they will destroy all other plant life.
  • I like acorns, a lot!
  • Another time so, Do svidanya! (Escapes through hidden door under his feet).
  • (The Red Squirrel is sitting on a chair. The Red Squirrel close's the telescope and then makes a voice log when clicking a button on a tape recorder.) Red Squirrel's log. Special Agent Rockgut has been disposed of. (He turns his chair around.) Time to get to work!(He starts laughing and then starts running toward a hatch. He runs straight into it and then falls to the ground.) Stupid eye patch. (The Red Squirrel)
  • The Sleeper is Special Agent Buck Rockgut! (Our Man in Grrfurjiclenstan)
  • Who likes baseball? I was talking about the T-Shirt Cannon. (Our Man in Grrfurjiclenstan)
  • And now my brain scrubbed puppet, I trigger you to: Deadly Mode. (snaps fingers)
  • Fine then, Finish them. The Red Squirrel commands you. (To Buck)
  • Hey, Wash-for-brains! Are you not looking with your two good eyes? I am The Red Squirrel. (Red to Buck Rockgut)
  • NOOOOOOOO- (Rope wraps around Red, tying him up) I really should have run away instead of yelling.
  • (To Skipper who says the Red Squirrel doesn't exist) Right, you keep on thinking that.
  • And now I can have my revenge on those pesky commando penguin!

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