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Princess Self-Respectra is Private's one and only beloved toy. She is a purple plastic unicorn with a glowing horn and a trade character of Private's favorite TV show, "The Lunacorns." She first appears in Hello, Dollface where Private manages to get one while the penguins try to get Rico a new talking Miss Perky. Private soon discovers that the toy came with a voice chip and decides to give it to Rico since Private believes imagination is better. This eventually turns Rico into a hippie (due to the Lunacorn advice from the chip) until the penguins dispose of the chip and he goes back to normal. She plays a key role in A Visit From Uncle Nigel when Private uses the glowing horn to save the penguins and Uncle Nigel from The Red Squirrel. In Operation: Lunacorn Apocalypse she will become possessed by Kuchikukan who tries to use her to destroy Earth but is thwarted by Private.

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Princess Self-Respectra   Other    




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