• She is Private's one and only beloved toy. She is a plastic purple unicorn with a glow in the dark horn and is also a trade character of Private's favourite TV show, "The Lunacorns".
  • Private saved her from being melted along with several other identical toys because nobody wanted them in Hello, Dollface.
  • She originally came with a voice chip but it was taken out on account of Rico's need for Ms. Perky to talk. Private was very worried for the Lunacorn's safety during the chip extraction by Kowalski because he wasn't as "gentle as the Lunacorns themselves" in doing so. Nevertheless the horse came out fine and Private was no worse for wear about the voice chip being gone cause he thinks using his imagination is better.
  • She was key in saving the penguins and Private's Uncle Nigel once against the Red Squirrel, who had developed a light sensitivity, which is where the Lunacorn's light-up capabilities came into usefulness.
  • Her head was melted off with the Penguins flame thrower gun by Skipper in Action Reaction after being driven to the brink by Private's singing and dancing around him with the doll trying to calm the inflated Skipper down. Skipper remarked after deflating that burning the doll made him feel better.


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